Car wash industry trends in Europe: A benchmark between Germany and France

The present study portrays the market for professional car wash in Germany and France 2018. It includes the segments of carwash tunnels, roll-overs and self-service. Focus is on market stock, major trends, market growth and differences between the countries.

Project approach:

The study addresses the following subjects:

  • Current status of car wash in Europe
  • Country specifics in Germany and France

- Stock of professional car wash installations by segment

- Tunnels, roll-overs and self-service

- Market share by segment
- Number of suppliers by segment
- Annual growth by segment
- Major trends and challenges

  • Major differences in car wash business in both countries

- Country benchmark

  • Future developments, trends and forecasts (2017 to 2020)
  • Interesting quotes from the interviews

Sample slides:

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