Launch of our “Technology Scouts”

Megatrends and industry-specific market drivers lead to technological change and cause an impact on current business concepts. The circumstances inevitably lead to changes in development, procurement, production, or sales. However, this prevailing market dynamic also creates opportunities for companies to invest in new products or markets to position themselves for the future.

In our many years of work as an international market research and consulting company focused on B2B markets, we have repeatedly seen how important it is to identify and evaluate market potential in good time.

To provide our clients with specific support for their needs and to better position them for the future, starting January 2022, we will be offering our new "Technology Scouts" service specifically dedicated to the topics of technology, ecology, and digitization.

Our customers can decide the level of service that best suits their needs. After a joint workshop, a tailored "technology radar" is developed, the current business concept is benchmarked against the prevailing external market conditions, and potentials are derived. Based on recommendations for action, which refer to lucrative technology fields or ideal technology partners, a suitable strategy can optionally be developed.

We also offer this service as an annual check. With our "Annual Fit for Future Check," we regularly review the technology landscape based on the organization's alignment with products and services.

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